(this terrible looking page is only temp for this fundraiser..)

music links: mangadrive.bandcamp.com

END DATE: MAY 23rd 2014! - GOAL MET! - Thank you so much!


CURRENT FUNDING: 1415.00$ | GOAL: 1200$ (updated 5/16/2014 11:30AM - EST)



Misson: To get power/internet restored to the Mangadrive labs, complete a ton of rave noise and give the mecha-minions all of this shit in a slow drip process over the rest of the year. Oh and a shirt with the Dreamecha and stickers to put on cop cars as per usual.



(see info below for distribution information on these packages)

Dreamachine Digital Pre-Order: This includes ALL music items listed in digital format as they are released via Bandcamp.

Dreamachine Black Label Physical Pre-Order: This includes ALL music items listed in digital format as they are released via Bandcamp as well as a 2CD collectors set of Dreamachine once it's finished. Stickers too + shipping!

Dreamecha T-shirt Pre-Order: T-shirt + Stickers + shipping


Deluxe Super Mega Black Label Package - 50$ - Everything listed. Shirt/Physical Disc/Digital releases/Stickers + shipping


Donate a custom amount! ( You can still recieve items. Just contact us and let us know who you are and what you'd like!)


For any problems/questions please contact : mangadrivemerch [ at ] gmail [dot] com

All orders require Paypal. - To expidite orders, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS AND/OR EMAIL MATCHES PAYPAL. If it does not, please add this information in "special instructions" or contact me to make sure it's proper.

Digital items will be sent to the email address you give Paypal. If wish to have these sent to an alternative email please specify in "special instructions" when you place your order

Emails for order updates etc will be sent from Gmail. Make sure your email account does not flag this as spam and check spam folder to double check.




Here's the current situation: Last year my stepdad was diagnosed with cancer. As you know this triggers a spiraling decay of bills and dealing with systems that refuse to line up with each other. The end result is that he beat the cancer thankfully, but not without said spiraling decay of bills. In an attempt to alleviate things I moved in with them to make paying bills a better reality for all of us. This leaves me with my own past due bills, reconnection fees, etc, which is a bit much for me to handle, but at the time of execution of what had to be done... it had to be done and I would do everything all over again the same way without hesitation or regrets. This however does not bode well for the future of music. My studio hungers for power and internet and that solution lies in the hands of corperate monsters... which I regretably must pay and cannot beam cannon them into oblivion and just use their power company to start an autonomous army of giant robots that are programmed for intergalactic domination.... yet.... but if you help this fundraiser?


So aside from not-so-outragous claims like the destruction of the entire solar system by means of robotic force, I'm here to talk about "Dreamachine". Currently I have about 20 tracks worth of material hoarded into folders that's been shaping a concept I started back in 2012, literally the day after I sent out the packages from the last Sinistarter. Since then compiling an album that I was 100% happy with has been the goal. In 2013, I released "Junkion" as a bit of a B-side effort, but it was still not the album I was looking for. That album is lurking inside the folders. We have a mixture of wild and exotic Psytrance beats ala. "Dreamcore.Is.Dead" , the darker industrial intensity of "Artifice" and a little bit of the rave fun from "Mechafetish" all represented. I've decided to split this material into a 2 part release. This allows me to finish work on it in sections for perfection and avoid the situation of this long gigantic album that could sound like a run-on sentance in audio form. I still don't know 100% how I'm going to assemble these parts, but it is an impossibility to even finish it unless I get back home and into my studio...and when people say "studio" rest assured it means a makeshift bedroom full of wires and Gundam-related objects. Home is home though and I want... need.. to return there and get back to work on music. I've released previews here and there on Soundcloud and will have more to come! All I can tell you is: It is 100% Mangadrive noise from past, present and future. You will not be disappointed if you appreciate the embodiment of the work I've done so far.


The Valkyrie Single: This will be the first mini EP release ft the mecharave feel-fantastic jam of the all four seasons of every single year ever. Also an unreleased track and an alternate mix. The idea is to give you all SOMETHING while this other stuff transpires. Cover art by Box and it's super-rad!

Exclusive "Dreamecha" T-shirt: This increases your protection against Kaiju attacks by at least 367.3 (repeating)% *

design to be printed on Black shirt. Approx 8"x11" ( design still WIP and will differ SLIGHTLY from this - better text spacing etc)


Dreamachine music pack: This will involve 2 releases that will be staged out and details will follow. I can guarantee at least one of these by Fall of 2014 pending Meteor Showers, Mummy Rave Attacks or any other unforseen difficulties. After the digital releases have been released, physical 2-disc collector's items will be printed and shipped to those that purchase physical packages. Your name will be printed inside the liner notes. Signed in some fancy silver acrylic marker that I'll hunt down and I'll entertain silly requests like my reinditions of how to draw a unicorn again.... and not in wipe off dry erase marker 5 seconds before I have to ship everything in an extreme hurry (oops and seriously if you fell victim to that episode let me know and I'll make it up super special style)

fawking shiny!!


Stickers: Strong enough to stick time and space together and if removed , they may cause a black hole that swallows everything.** Designs to be revealed later

Bonus EP: A remix album ala "LSFML", but as we know these releases are never just hot single x15. I'll recuit some audio badasses, add some unreleased stuff and make it stand-alone release.

* not responsible for death or injury by Kaiju attacks while wearing this shirt.

** not responsible for death or injury by black holes when removing these stickers



1) Valkyrie Single - Approx June/July

2) Shirts/Stickers - Approx July/August (Hopefully ASAP after the drive)

3) Dreamachine PT. 1 - Approx August/Sept.

4) Dreamachine PT.2 - Approx October/Nov.

5) Physical Collector's Disc - Approx Nov/Dec.

5) Bonus EP - TBA ( I can't promise a date on this due to other people's time involved etc)


*** Note: I'm only part-human so time/life can happen. This is a loose estimate of what I want to accomplish and will work 100% to do so. I don't want it to slide into 2015 if at all possible, but shit happens.



Q) Why not just use Kickstarter?

TLDR: In this situation: You are going STRAIGHT to the band. There is no middle guy.

A) I tried this back in 2012. It was something I had my apprehensions about from the start, and at the time it made a lot of sense to use this system to facilitate Mechafetish's release. I also knew from the start however, that when it came down to it at the end, I'd be the person awake at 3am boxing orders and communicating with the fans to let them know all the details. I still had to deal with a couple lost packages and personal refunds thanks to USPS and even though I felt like the system possibly helped the cause ramp up a little more, it still cast a false shadow on the financial side of the release. I ended up with more money than I needed, but the value had to be inflated from the start to allow the possibility that extra people might wander in and I had to account for that merch and so forth. Then I had to also account for the idea that Kickstarter/Amazon pretty much took 10% off the top for basically just letting me "borrow" their spreadsheet software. In the end after all was said and done I gained about 85$ from it after I paid the graphic artists, mastering, shipped everything, had it printed etc. Not a bad scenario and I'm not complaining about the lack of extra funding. What I will note is that I made a pretty bad choice as an independent artist. I allowed Kickstarter/Amazon to essentially become my record label. They helped me fund the creation and once I listed the album digitally through Amazon, they took another cut for each sale there. The 10% they took could have just helped fund yet another EP release if anything. So I guess in the end it's not so much about money as it is principles. If I'm going to have someone step in the middle, I'd rather it actually be a label be because even at the most lowest of low extremes they might post something on social networking and I could get a few more listeners out of the deal.

Also Kickstarter doesn't mean a band isn't going to just take all your money then quit being a band. The likelyhood that I'd spend all this money on indie PC games is PRETTY HIGH, but I just want to make music again and I want you to have this music. It's a win/win for Team Gurren Mangadrive. I've been hand assembling releases and shipping out stuff since 2006. I'm the last person that wants to rip fans off.

Q) Will these releases be anywhere but Bandcamp?

TLDR: No because Bandcamp is a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything. #DIY

A) In the past 1.5 years I've grown into a very DIY-centric artist and I've abandoned Spotify/Amazon/Itunes/etc in total and refuse to support them because they realistically don't support artists. They are a storefront and ideas like Kickstarter are just storefronts. As an independent artist the most important thing should be independence and creating third-party dependencies like all of the forementioned is the reason we are all doing things like trying to raise money just to make an album or in my case, turn the power back on then make an album. 0.00005 cents per streaming play helps absolutely no one. When we approach these issues we begin to sound like greedy bums that want our checks, but if you can't understand your passions being your job and provider then you will never get it in the first place. Middle finger up to everything that's trying to wedge itself between art and distribution these days. I also hear/see too many artists whining about Spotify but putting all their shit on Spotify or having their label do it for them, and crying about it doesn't help. Telling them NO does... The reason Bandcamp is much different is their idea of giving the artist full control of quality when it comes to the releases and also they do not nickle/dime nearly as bad. There is also no "buy in" as there is with other outlets, where essentially you end up paying them just to lose money. It's still a necessary evil but a much much lesser evil.

Q) What does this funding cover?

A) It helps me repay past due bills and finish these releases. I can't do music until everything is paid up on my residence for reasons I went into at the top. I'll be paying graphic artists for their work and time. I'll have to have shirts and discs printed and shipped... then I'll have to pay USPS to ship things which these days is a sad affair. I stand to make about 3 whole dollars as "profit" from this if everything goes as planned. This is what I do though and being able to put all this stuff in the mail after I worked hard on it and have the fans be excited to get it IS the reward.

Q) Will this be available on laserdisc?

A) Just who the hell do you think I am?